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Once again you managed to pull me (drag me) through a tense, emotional situation with few, if any, scars! Thank you for your ever-present level head, professionalism and learned insight. These turbulent waters I have a way of swimming into are at once made clam by your soothing voice and knowledgeable expertise. Thank you for helping to make the selling/moving process so much more manageable. Thank you for everything. T.Z.



Incredibly honest, forthright and dependable. J.S.



A woman of exceptional integrity! M.E. and M.C.



Thank you for your counsel and economical handling of my divorce, You made it almost painless. R. K.



A woman who can simplify the most complicated of estate planning issues into an understandable and concise format. S.O.



The easiest part of buying our home was closing! J. and D. W.



You made the law make sense for everyone involved. M.M.



A good listener and a reasonable negotiator. S.H



I used Beth's services to review my divorce agreement after we had met with our mediators to make sure I was getting a fair deal. During a very difficult time she listened to what I wanted, made sure what the documents said were what I wanted and more importantly, what I needed. She was through, concise and understanding, A bull without the horns so to speak. can't thank her enough. C.C.



Beth completed my divorce with an abundance of patience, diplomacy, and an eye to keeping my costs at a minimum. She was professional yet genuinely concerned for me during a difficult time.


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