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Child Support Attorney

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Child Support

After a divorce, the issues involving children are often the most difficult to resolve. Former spouses typically find it particularly challenging to determine how money should be distributed between them to support their children. A skilled and experienced family law attorney can help create a child support agreement that is fair to both parties and is in the children's best interest.

If you need assistance with a child support arrangement, you can find the legal help you need at The Law Offices of Elizabeth A. Edwards, LLC. I am a Ridgefield child support lawyer with more than 25 years of experience. As your attorney, I will help you find a solution to your child support issues that is both effective and efficient, and that protects your interests and the interests of your children.

Creating the Optimal Child Support Agreement for You and Your Child

If you are going through a divorce and you have children, a judge will determine a child support arrangement for the parties based on a number of factors. Some of the factors considered by the judge include:

  • Income of the parties
  • Age of the children
  • Special needs of the children
  • Medical costs/health care arrangement

As your attorney, I diligently represent your interests and communicate to the judge what factors are most important regarding your child support arrangement. I work to ensure the judge understands what child support agreement is most reasonable and fair based on your family's individual circumstances.

If it is necessary to litigate, I fight on your behalf to ensure the judge determining the child support agreement takes your interests into consideration. However, if you and the other party would like to resolve child support issue more amicably, I can help you pursue a cooperative method through either mediation or a collaborative law approach.

Danbury Modification of Child Support Attorney

If there is a substantial change of circumstances, I can assist you with a child support modification. Factors that are often considered a substantial change of circumstances include:

  • Change of employment status of either party
  • Change of income for either party
  • Cohabitation of either party
  • Special needs of either party
  • Eligibility for a new benefit of either party

I can also assist you enforce a child support arrangement if the other party is not paying the amount mandated by the agreement.

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