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Child Custody and Support

Experienced Mediator Serves Clients Seeking Child Support and Custody Help

Child Related Issues

Questions regarding the care of a child can be complex and emotionally difficult. Often such questions arise in the context of a divorce or separation, where emotions are already strained. Attempting to determine how your child should be cared for and supported without the help of a trained professional can lead to a drawn-out process. Relationships may be irreparably damaged and parties are often driven to the contentious and expensive rooms of the local courthouse.

When you have to negotiate the custody, care, and support of your child, it is important to have a trained family law attorney who can guide you through the process and help you and other parties involved reach a solution that is right for you and best for your child.

Danbury, CT Child Custody, Visitation and Support

At the Law Offices of Elizabeth A. Edwards, LLC, we have years of experience handling all matters associated with the care, custody, and support of a child. Through the processes of mediation and collaboration, we help you find solutions to your child-related disputes and avoid the expense and headache of litigation.

Finding Solutions in Challenging Situations

The American Psychological Association (APA) notes that parent conflict can have an exacting toll on the emotions of children, sometimes leading to increased school drop-out rates, behavior problems, and mental health issues. Accordingly, the APA advocates for solutions that are in the best interest of children involved. However, reaching a solution that is best for you and your children can be difficult, particularly in the context of a divorce or separation. Issues relating to the care of your children include:

  • Custody – Who will have custody of the child? Will there be joint custody?

  • Visitation – What visitation rights will each party have? How will visits be arranged or supervised?

  • Support – What kind of financial support will each party provide for the care of the child? How often will support payments be made? How will funds designated for the support of the child be utilized?

  • Parenting Plans – How will decisions regarding the care of the child be made? What responsibilities will each party have in rearing the child?

Family Law Attorney

The legal professionals at the Law Offices of Elizabeth A. Edwards, LLC, work hard to find solutions to your legal issues in a fair, efficient manner. Unlike litigation, which is inherently contentious, collaborative negotiations and mediation can provide appropriate solutions to resolve matters like child custody and support.

To learn more about how mediation and collaborative legal processes can settle child-related issues, contact the Law Offices of Elizabeth A. Edwards, LLC today to speak with a member of our team.


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